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V E G E T A R I A N  M E N U

Friday - Saturday

6pm - 9pm

Charred Avocado Taco  [3 pcs]   $9

Served with radish and shiso salsa with yuzu and togarashi 

Grilled king mushroom on pillow-soft buns  [2 buns]   $10

Served with hoi-sin, cucumber, bean sprout and carrot 


Avocado and cherry tomato salad   $12  

Served with mix lettuce, red onion, mix seeds and citrus dressing

Organic pasta with grilled mushroom  $12.5

Organic linguine with spring onion, cherry tomato, cup mushroom, basil, buffalo mozzarella and parmigiano

Mushroom schnitzel burger & chips   $14.5

Topped with Bocconcini cheese, red cabbage pickle, mix lettuce, onion chutney and kimchi mayo

BO Saam  (to share between 2 people or more)  (GF) $28  (Vegan)

Charred avocado and king mushroom served with cos lettuces cups, house made pickles, pesto and chilli sauce

Fries with vegan aioli   $7  (Vegan)


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